Regulation of the Pendrin Gene by Uroguanylin

iz.jpgIn our second Podcast of March, the manuscript “The Pendrin Anion Exchanger Gene is Transcriptionally Regulated by Uroguanylin: A Novel Entero-Renal Link” is discussed by Associate Editor Susan Wall and Prof. Israel Zelikovic. Listen in as they speak on a novel enterorenal link  -  transcriptional regulation of the pendrin anion exchanger gene by uroguanylin via a heat shock system-dependent mechanism.

Julia Rozenfeld, Osnat Tal, Orly Kladnitsky, Lior Adler, Edna Efrati, Stephen L. Carrithers, Seth L. Alper, and Israel Zelikovic. The pendrin anion exchanger gene is transcriptionally regulated by uroguanylin: a novel enterorenal link. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol March 1, 2012 302:F614-F624; published ahead of print November 30, 2011, doi:10.1152/ajprenal.00189.2011


Unanswered Questions- Autoregulation

This is the first podcast by AJP:Renal addressing the important unanswered questions remaining in renal physiology. The purpose of this series is to give students, postdocs and junior faculty access to the ideas of leaders in their field. In this podcast William Arendshorst and Christopher Wilcox will discuss the big questions remaining to be solved in the field of autoregulation of renal blood flow. They address the mechanisms involved and how they are altered in pathological states.